About Us

Hi there!

Welcome to BALAM CREATIONS…a shop filled with unique and exquisite creations.

B.C. was founded by Eyeris Balam in 2005. B.C. is a two person project, Eyeris Balam (Owner/Founder) & Pipil Kuskatekatl (Co-Founder/Web Maintenance), both of Mayan descent.  Balam translates Jaguar in the native language Nahuatl. Jaguars are very captivating and each and every spot is unique to each and every jaguar. That is why we decided to use our motto “Not one is exactly the same”.

I enjoy participating in "Pop-Up" shops.  It gives me the opportunity to continue meeting new people, vendors and customers.  My goal is have my customers feel the quality of my creations in person at my pop-up shops, so they may shop online without having to doubt the quality of the item. 

Our creations are designed, sewn and hand made out of our home located in Los Angeles, CA (Rampart District). We are huge supporters of our community and local independent companies. B.C. implements the meaning of quality over quantity to each item created. In 2014, Balam Creations became a “.com” and made our creations available to everyone around the world. 

Please take your time and shop around.  If you have any questions or if you are interested in custom made items, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank You Very Much